Dear Devotees,

We feel happy to announce that from now on you can send your offerings direct to dargah Sharif by clicking a mouse via cridet card or debit cards. Now you can offer  flowers,  chaddar, Attar and Insence in the Dargah  sharif of Hazrat Khawaja Gharib Nawaz r.a. Also you can feed people , we can arrange the cooking in behalf of you and distribute to the people in dargah sharif.

If you wants to visit dargah sharif we arrange for your Hazree  hassel free on a nominal charges.If you wants to do any Mannat and you cannot come personally , we can do the offering of your mannat on your behalf.

If you need Taweez for blessing we have taweez for the protection of a house from nagative energys like evil eye, black magic and health realted problem, and a taweez for blessing for work and business.

For more details you can contact us